About Us

Runge Law Office LLC was founded by Patrick Runge in 1995, based on the principle that it is an attorney’s duty is to find the smartest and most effective solutions to the legal problems a client faces. Whether that solution is at the negotiation table or in a courtroom, Patrick has years of experience in tribal, state, and Federal court, protecting his client’s rights and helping to find practical and effective solutions to their problems.

Patrick’s years of experience have given him the tools and techniques to help his clients with a wide variety of legal challenges, including:

  • Family law, including divorces, custody or visitation disputes, establishing or modifying child support, or the enforcement or modification of previous orders.
  • Criminal law, both misdemeanor and felony charges, in tribal, state, and federal court.
  • Juvenile law, representing the interests of both parents and children in juvenile court.
  • Estate planning, helping clients prepare to care for themselves and their families either if they are unable to make decisions for themselves or after they die.
  • Guardianships, helping clients get legal authority either for other adults who cannot make decisions for themselves or for children who need the authority of a legal guardian on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Probate law, helping clients work through the process when a loved one has died to distribute their property in an appropriate and legal manner.
  • Native American law, helping clients navigate the complex intersection between tribal, state, and federal law in a variety of civil and criminal contexts.

Patrick has served as both an attorney and a judge for a number of years, and brings his unique perspective and experience to bear in helping his clients find solutions to the problems they face. To schedule an appointment, call Runge Law Office at (402) 390-9577 or click here to send a question by e-mail. You can also follow Runge Law Office LLC on Twitter here, where you will receive updates about changes or developments in local and national law that may affect you.

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